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Former Sky Sports presenter Kevin Cadle has died at the age of 62. Cadle, who joined the Sky Sports team after a career coaching basketball, started out as an NBA and NFL Europe presenter before moving onto the NFL in 1998. “Kevin presented our NFL…

Sky Sports will broadcast the Premier League clash between Liverpool and Manchester United this weekend. This top-flight clash between the fierce rivals takes place at Anfield. Both league meetings last season ended in draws, for the first time ever in the Premier League era. Before…

World Wrestling Entertainment will host its Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event this Sunday. It’ll take place at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, and will be the ninth event under the Hell in a Cell chronology. Eight matches have been confirmed the event…

The 16th round of the 2017 FIA Formula One season takes place this weekend at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan. Nico Rosberg was victorious here last year, with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in second. Rosberg’s teammate last year Lewis Hamilton comes into this weekend at…

England host Slovenia in a Group F World Cup 2018 qualifier at Wembley Stadium this evening. Gareth Southgate’s men will hope to improve on the goalless stalemate in last October’s reverse fixture, in the knowledge that a victory tonight will guarantee them top spot in…

The 15th round of the 2017 Formula One season takes place this weekend at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. One of the big turning points of last season happened here when, with 15 laps to go, leader Lewis Hamilton’s engine blew and handed Nico…

  • Frank wallington

    One course with a par 3 18 th hole is St Pierre where the Dunlop Masters was played in the 1970’s.

  • Clackmannanman

    Mark Roe and Nick Dougherty are the most overinflated egos ever—neither was any good, and indeed Dougherty has had to pack it in at the age of 31 because he can’t hack it, yet pontificates and has the gall to criticise golfers whose shoe laces he in not fit to tie.

  • M sinclair

    When can we see some golf and get rid of the chatterers?Now 2.45 and not seen any golf.

  • Teri 10

    Seniors at the 18th, Colin Montgomerie on the green just short of pin high, Maggert in the front bunker, Critchley’s comment Montgomerie used the wrong club, Maggert used the right club. Where did that come from? When playing in America he doesn’t get comments like that.

  • Steve Morris

    You bisect a fairway not dissect, John Morgan and Andy Coltart.

  • Piggyboy

    Whatever Sky are paying Jacklin to ‘commentate’ on the Seniors Open is money wasted. How many viewers are watching with the mute button on?

  • Dorothy

    We know tiger woods is playing again are all the other professional golfers going to be mentioned by the sky commentators fed up with the biased comments give it a rest please

  • Threenames

    How did Mark Roe ever get this gig!?
    He may be a nice guy , but his commentary style is appalling , promote John E Morgan I say , entertains , informative, knowledgable , and a character

  • Bill Harrison

    Let us have more of Nick Dougherty he gets better all the time. His presentation and knowledge and humour is so much better than Mark Roe whose voice is so dull and boring. Nick would be an excellent extra to the excellent Sky team on a more permament basis..

  • George Donald

    How come nobody is willing to Sponsor and Fund a 65’s Tournament. 65 and over, Fit, Funny, and Capable. Some great guys out there.
    Big G.

  • Graham Noble

    Today in the Turkish open there was a prolonged discussion from the commentators about whether or not a ball at rest moved by an incoming ball in play should or should not be replaced. One of the commentators suggested that it only had to be replaced if it was on the green when struck by the moving ball. I understand that a ball moved in this fashion must be replaced ANYWHERE on the course. It would enhance the quality of Sky golf coverage if the Sky commentators were seen and heard as experts, or at least very knowledgeable, on the Rules of Golf. Those who are not expert might be advised to keep silent.

  • Richard Grime

    What’s happening on the golf in South Africa today. They have on commentating the richest man in South Africa blessing us wth his opinions! Johann Rupert may be paying for the event to be held at “his” golf club, but he doesn’t own Sky. I’m paying my subscription every month to hear the best commentators not to indulge some wealthy mans fantasies or to hear all the Sky staff suck up to him! Richard Grime

  • martin

    Please get rid of Ewen Murrray! how dull is he! i caanot stand listening to his dullset tones,,why are sky using him! i’m having to turn sky off and watch the Golfchannel,,,please sky get rid of him,,,hes as dull as dish water!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Wilkie

    Too many talking heads when I suspect there is something far more interesting happening on the course. Confirmed this afternoon by listening to radio to hear McIlroy sink a put that took 2 or 3 minutes to be shown on Sky. Sometimes less commentary is more entertaning, BBC2 highlights a better watch I’m afraid, PGA has sold its soul.

  • Ian Gordon

    Why are they calling the bunker “the Mcilroy bunker? Because he made a pigs ear of it at practice day? Perhaps a bunker at the postage stamp should be called the “Sarazen” bunker as the day after I watched him hole his tee shot for a hole in one, if my memory serves me well, he holed it next day from the bunker for a two. Now that was class !

  • ddiggs

    PLEASE, PLEASE stop talking so much. Speak less, say more.

  • david Roebuck

    Please please show the full leader board of 80 odd players and not only the leaders most of which are not even out yet. We never see below the first 30 positions or so on the TV coverage and real golf lovers would like to see the progress of all players

  • Gareth Jones

    How come several of the senior pros are still using long putters. In my opinion Scott McCarron is anchoring the putter and should be disqualified.

    • Steve

      i agree with you

    • Derek

      Langer as well then??

  • Derek Cochrane

    In 1995 I met Scott when he and Tim Herron came across for the Scottish Open on Carnoustie.They came straight off the plane onto the course on the Monday for a practice and we walked round with them from the 11th to the end!! On the 17th green Scott asked his caddie to get a camera out of his bag and proceeded to take a picture of himself and all of us on the green.Total gentleman???

    Derek (Dundee)

  • Morris

    Where, oh where did Sky find ‘whispering’ John E Morgan? In my opinion they should send him back! His command of the English language is appalling, as is his delivery; there are too few ‘h’ and ‘g’ letters in his slovenly speech, and he has far too much to say. He should be made aware of the age old commentators adage ‘less is more’ after all we can see what’s going on, we are watching television! He is way out of his depth in the company of Livingstone, Lee, Critchley, Murray & Boxall in the studio, and is light years behind Clark, Barter, Riley & Coultart on the course. Perhaps John E Morgan should be relegated to The Trilby Tour where he would be much more comfortable.

  • J Douds

    Hi question for golf team , how come after next USA ryder cup venue they will have had 3 within within 300/400 miles , all same area

  • stephen durrant

    Roe & Beem are so bad I can’t really say in words the problem. Can we not have a choice of the american feed.
    Stephen Ealing

  • Rob Lee and Richard Boxall are so English oriented how Ewan Murray works with people who cannot even mention a Scotsman example Knox number 21 in the world yet Fitzpatrick.Sullivan,Wood,all disasters in Ryder Cup seem to to be there English topic tell them to get a life Ewan

  • Maj

    Do the Sky presenters, never shut up, nothing but constant dribble, we can see what is happening for ourselves, less talking and more viewing