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Vote ’05 During the build up to the 2005 General Election, Adam Boulton presented a nightly hour long programme at 7 and 11pm called ‘The Boulton Factor’ (11pm on Saturday) Vote ’05 – The Boulton Factor Vote ’05 – The… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Playlist Player” playlistid=”9405″] Haiti Earthquake On Tuesday 12th January 2010 a large earthquake with a catastrophic magnitude of 7.0 rocked the west of Haiti killing between 100,000 – 200,000 people. American News networks were the first with correspondents and… Read more

On Sunday 4th August 2002, Ian Huntley Murdered Soham school girls, Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells. He was arrested and charged on the 17th August 2002. Huntley’s trial opened at the Old Bailey on 5th November 2003. On 17th December… Read more

On Tuesday 18th November 2003, The 43rd President of the United States, George Bush, visited the U.K. Sky News Images of Sky News’ Coverage. Including Adam Boulton, David Chater, Peter Sharp, Paul Brennan, Ian Woods, Peter Spencer, Martin Stanford and… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Playlist Player” playlist.position=”right” playlistid=”9407″] European Elections 2009 ‘Super Sunday’ European Election Results programmes – Sunday 7th June 2009. BBC News BBC News – Titles [singlepic=13781] [singlepic=13785] [singlepic=13789] [singlepic=13791] BBC News – Emily Maitlis [singlepic=13798] [singlepic=13799] BBC News – Jeremy… Read more

Following the death of the Ministry of Defence employee, Doctor David Kelly, Tony Blair set up an inquiry into his death. Lord Hutton chaired the inquiry, taking evidence over the course of a 6 week period from the likes of… Read more

The local council elections, 1st May 2003. Sky News Adam Boulton presents Sky News’ Coverage of Vote 2003, with Martin Stanford number crunching.

[jwplayer config=”Playlist Player” playlist.position=”right” playlistid=”9408″] On Tuesday 20th January 2009, President-Elect, Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. The Worlds media was in Washington to capture the whole event. BBC News Huw Edwards, Matt… Read more

On Wednesday 26th November 2008, Terrorist in India stormed a cafe, hospital, railway station and hotels in the Indian city, Mumbai. News teams from all around the world made their way to the scene to cover the breaking news story…. Read more

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”8896″] Sky News Main Election Programme – 11:00pm – 06:00am Gallery:[simpleviewer=740,500,500,*Sky News*] Titles [singlepic=11530] [singlepic=11531] [singlepic=11533] [singlepic=11534] [singlepic=11536] [singlepic=11539] [singlepic=11540] [singlepic=11544] [singlepic=11548] [singlepic=11553] Jeremy in New York, Andrew in Miami, Anna in San Francesco [singlepic=11555] [singlepic=11556] Michelle… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”8895″] ITV News Main Election Programme – 11:45pm – 06:00am Gallery:[simpleviewer=739,500,500,*ITV News*] Titles [singlepic=11474] [singlepic=11475] [singlepic=11476] [singlepic=11477] [singlepic=11478] [singlepic=11479] Alastair Stewart in London [singlepic=11481] [singlepic=11483] [singlepic=11484] [singlepic=11488] Julie Etchingham in New York [singlepic=11491] [singlepic=11503] [singlepic=11505] [singlepic=11508] Jon… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”8894″] BBC News Main Election Programme – 11:20pm – 06:00am Gallery:[simpleviewer=738,500,500,*BBC News*] Openers [singlepic=11436] [singlepic=11437] [singlepic=11438] Titles [singlepic=11444] [singlepic=11446] [singlepic=11449] [singlepic=11450] [singlepic=11451] [singlepic=11452] [singlepic=11453] [singlepic=11454] Graphics [singlepic=11457] [singlepic=11459] [singlepic=11460] [singlepic=11473] Jeremy Vine – Number Crunching [singlepic=11461] [singlepic=11462]… Read more

Al-Jazeera Election Coverage [singlepic=11417] [singlepic=11418] Openers [singlepic=11419] [singlepic=11420] [singlepic=11421] [singlepic=11422] [singlepic=11423] [singlepic=11424] [singlepic=11425] [singlepic=11426] Correspondents from around the World [singlepic=11427] [singlepic=11428] [singlepic=11429] [singlepic=11430] [singlepic=11431] [singlepic=11432] [singlepic=11433] [singlepic=11434] Graphics [singlepic=11435]

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”8893″] On Tuesday 4th November, Five News presented its five and seven o’clock bulletins from America, with Matt Barbet in Washington and Helen Fospero in London. Matt Barbet at the White House [singlepic=11400] [singlepic=11399] [singlepic=11411] Andy Bell… Read more

GMTV From America [singlepic=11384] [singlepic=11385] John in Washington, Kate in London [singlepic=11386] [singlepic=11387] John Stapleton in Washington [singlepic=11388] [singlepic=11390] Sue Jameson in New York [singlepic=11391] [singlepic=11392] Carla Romano in Los Angeles [singlepic=11393] [singlepic=11394] Graphics [singlepic=11395] [singlepic=11396] [singlepic=11397] [singlepic=11389]

[jwplayer config=”Playlist Player” playlist.position=”right” playlistid=”9406″] Dermot in Chicago and Indiana [singlepic=11339] [singlepic=11341] [singlepic=11355] [singlepic=11356] Tim Marshall in Washington [singlepic=11347] [singlepic=11361] Adam Boulton in Washington [singlepic=11364] [singlepic=11367] Martin Stanford in London [singlepic=11348] [singlepic=11349] [singlepic=11351] [singlepic=11352] Graphics [singlepic=11359] [singlepic=11358] [singlepic=11363] [singlepic=11342] [singlepic=11343]… Read more

The Evening News presented by Mark Austin in Washington. News at Ten presented by Sir Trevor McDonald in Washington and Mary Nightingale in London for both Bulletins. Mark, Trevor in Washington, Mary in London [singlepic=11338] [singlepic=11317] [singlepic=11318] Mark in Washington… Read more

Channel 4 News was presented by Jon Snow in Virginia and Krishnan Guru-Murphy in London. Jon in Virginia, Krishnan in London [singlepic=11276] [singlepic=11306] [singlepic=11277] Jon in Virginia [singlepic=11274] [singlepic=11276] [singlepic=11278] [singlepic=11308] [singlepic=11309] [singlepic=11316] Sarah Smith in Virginia [singlepic=11293] [singlepic=11294] Jonathan… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”8889″] Huw Edwards in Virginia for the Six and Ten o’clock News, With Sophie Raworth in London. Jon Sopel also presented from Virginia for the BBC News Channel. Huw in Virginia, Sophie in London [singlepic=11266] [singlepic=11267] [singlepic=11268]… Read more

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”8888″] BBC News Election Promo 2008

[jwplayer config=”Main Player” mediaid=”8887″] Sky News Election Promo 2008

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