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  • DDP


    From this afternoon


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    Much prefer the longer hair!

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    Longer Hair!
    Much Better

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    I think she looks great whether her hair is longer or shorter. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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    where is the lovely anjali ..i havent seen her for a while , is she waiting till her hair grows back , returning her to supermodel superstar status !

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    Yes, not seen anjali for a while either – if she’d on earlies it’s ‘cos I only wath in the evening. But one excellent poster here sent me the wall-walk , so thanks (not for sharing, i’m afraid). Cheers, P.

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    phaedrusuk+Jan 17 2005, 07:31 PM–>(phaedrusuk @ Jan 17 2005, 07:31 PM)
    But one excellent poster here sent me the wall-walk , so thanks (not for sharing, i’m afraid). Cheers, P.

    Anytime, glad you enjoyed wallwalk.

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    Would do just about anything legal to get the wall shot of Anjali!
    Cmon guys!! I saw her that day!!!

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    Forum Member

    Hello again Anjali fans! I’ve been terribly negligent in my duties as keeper of the Anjali Rao Fansite, but was shocked to attention recently by a rather obnoxious piece of hate mail from som w a n k e r claiming to be a ‘mate’ of Anjali’s. Check it out on the site. I’ve also added the new links people sent me a while back — sorry for the delay.

    I’m a bit taken aback by the new haircut, I will admit. She’s still lovely, of course, but my vote certainly goes for the long hair.

    I’ll look into getting some of the newer pics in higher resolution up on the site. For now though, at least there are a few new news items. Be sure to send your thoughts to the hate-mail w a n k e r if you have time, and perhaps subscribe him to some spam lists

    Best, Indo

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    Anjali Rao Fansite+–>(Anjali Rao Fansite)

    Anjali Rao Information!

    Thu, 20 Jan 2005 13:10:07 +1100


    You lot are so funny.
    Anj is a mate of mine and she finds this to be really weird. Stalking weird.

    A couple of notes:
    She’s VERY married and in love.
    She’s VERY private and not into this whole public life thing and
    would really love it if she was allowed to live like normal people.
    Hope you guys are nice enough to allow that to happen.


    I can see how you might be a little disappointed by the content of this email, but fail to see why you need to publish the guys home and mobile telephone numbers and his home address. That really isn’t appropriate, and only backs up his premise that your behaviour is borderline stalking. Whilst I don’t know Anjali I’mpretty sure she’s going to be angered more, far more, by your response than to the original email.

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    Totally agree with Steven.

    Frankly, I fail to see why this supposed ‘hate mail’ has caused so much annoyance.
    It seems to be simply a ‘viewpoint’, expressed in non-offensive manner.

    To mount some campaign of vilification against the poster is clearly ridiculous.

    The website claims to be reproducing the mail ‘in it’s entirety’, if so where is the reference to ‘knowing her from schooldays’ and in the early 90’s?

    Am I alone in considering that several of the recent postings in numerous threads within this Forum, making reference to the allure of numerous SN female presenters, have gone beyond what might be deemed acceptable?

    Has our Moderator considered any form of intervention?

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    Forum Member

    Well, I think this is what we’ve been dealing with here as well as with the site now — people who take the whole thing way too seriously. I can’t speak for other Anjali Rao fans here, but the site is just campy fun, and it’s literally only one page. The idea that it would provoke such a reaction from this guy says more about him than it does about the page. He’s tilting at windmills, seeking to be some chivalrous protector when no threat or even the suggestion of one exists. I find that obnoxious, and I certainly don’t mind having a little fun at his expense. Unlike Stephen, I don’t really care whether Anjali Rao is angry or happy about the site; I’m not trying to curry her favour with it, I just thought it would be fun to have a campy fan-site about an obscure news reader that people seem to love. That’s pretty much the extent of it.

    Regarding rob’s comments, I suggest he go back and read more slowly, since the fellow looking for Ms. Rao’s contact info is not connected to the guy who sent the hate mail. They even have different names. *sigh* Such a thankless job!


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