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Sky News will team up with Sky Arts on the evening of the general election (7th May) for a special broadcast, ‘Election Newsroom Live’. From 10pm to 8am on Sky Arts 1 HD, fixed rig cameras within the Sky News studios will offer viewers a…

The 2015 Budget on Sky News

What is Snapchat? Sky News is now on Snapchat!

#AskTheLeaders – Sky News Promo 2015

Week In Review – Sky News Promo 2015

Christmas – Sky News Promo 2014

Sky News Tonight 2014 Promo

The Autumn Statement – Sky News Promo 2014

It seems Kay Burley is now presenting her afternoon bulletins entirely from the Newswall.. She had been presenting more from the newswall than the main desk in recent days, but as of today as a new podium at the corner of the newswall.

On 1st September 2014, Sky News launched a new evening news programme called ‘Sky News Tonight’. The programme showcases the best of Sky News’ journalism with interviews with major guests, studio debate, analysis and a pioneering social media cross-over. Hosted by Adam Boulton and Sarah…

Sky News Promo 2014 – Political Editor Faisal Islam

Correspondents – Sky News Promo 2014

Sky News Promo 2014 – Sunrise

Sky News Promo 2014 – Catch Up TV featuring Eamonn Holmes

Decision Time, The Local & Euro Election – Sky News Promo 2014

Week in Review 2014 – Titles With Jayne Secker Andrew Pierce and Kevin Maguire Graphics Studio (3 shot)

Press Preview – Sky News Promo 2014

Ian King Live – Sky News Promo 2014

Sky News Promo 2014: Breaking Down the Budget

Sky News Promo 2014: USA (aimed at international viewers)

Sky News Promo 2014 – Thank you for watching 25 years of Sky News

Sky News Promo 2013 – Sky News for Smartphone Promo featuring Charlotte Hawkins

Sky News Promo 2013 – Sky News for iPad featuring Eamonn Holmes

Sky News Promo 2013 – Christmas on Sky News

Sky News spent 24 hours (Sat 7 Spt – Sun 8 Spt 2013) in the A&E department of Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham. Sky News was live to see how one A&E department was coping and dealing with pressures on its staff and services. The Sky…

Sky News Promo 2013 – State Of Emergency: 24 Hours in A&E

Sky News Promo 2013 – Breaking news wherever you are

Sky News scraped its standard definition graphics this morning. The SD version of the channel is now using the HD designed graphics, which includes a single line text graphic rather than a two-lined block graphic. Also, the on-screen graphics are now being broadcast in a…

Sky News Promo 2013: Press Preview

Sky News Promo 2013 – Baroness Thatcher’s Funeral

Sky News Promo 2013 – The Budget (Music: Tessellate by Alt-J)

Sky News Promo 2013 – Robert Nisbet, Europe Correspondent

Sky News Promo 2013 – Robert Nisbet, Europe Correspondent

Sky News Promo 2012 – The Autumn Statement (song: Fortunate Son by Cat Power)

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