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ITV News – Royal Wedding Coverage

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Daybreak Openers
[singlepic=25143] [singlepic=25144]
[singlepic=25145] [singlepic=25146]
[singlepic=25147] [singlepic=25148]
[singlepic=25149] [singlepic=25150]
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Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles presents Daybreak
[singlepic=25137] [singlepic=25046]
Julie Etchingham and Phillip Schofield presents from 8:30am – 4:05pm
[singlepic=25048] [singlepic=25052]
[singlepic=25058] [singlepic=25113]
[singlepic=25117] [singlepic=25136]
Mary Nightingale outside Westminster Abbey
[singlepic=25049] [singlepic=25057]
[singlepic=25068] [singlepic=25087]
Mark Austin on the Mall
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[singlepic=25175] [singlepic=25134]
[singlepic=25074] [singlepic=25094]
[singlepic=25096] [singlepic=25102]
Alastair Stewart outside the Goring Hotel
[singlepic=25055] [singlepic=25077]
Nina Hossain in Hyde Park
[singlepic=25060] [singlepic=25062]
Richard Gaisford outside Westminster Abbey
[singlepic=25155] [singlepic=25158]
Grainne Seoige and Dan Lobb in Hyde Park
[singlepic=25165] [singlepic=25167]
Lucy Verasamy in Hyde Park
Chris Ship on Whitehall
[singlepic=25064] [singlepic=25065]
Kate Garraway in Bucklebury
[singlepic=25069] [singlepic=25139]
Romilly Weeks outside Westminster Abbey
[singlepic=25053] [singlepic=25169]
Tom Bradby was inside the Abbey for the wedding, then joined Mary outside
[singlepic=25084] [singlepic=25123]
Debi Edward in St Andrews
[singlepic=25035] [singlepic=25036]
Andrea Benfield in Anglesey
[singlepic=25031] [singlepic=25126]
Emma Murphy in Cumbria
Libby Wiener in Cambridge
[singlepic=25032] [singlepic=25033]
Chris Choi in Bucklebury
[singlepic=25038] [singlepic=25040]
Matt Smith in St Andrews
[singlepic=25071] [singlepic=25072]
[singlepic=25122] [singlepic=25120]
Lucy Meacock in Downing Street
[singlepic=25078] [singlepic=25127]
[singlepic=25128] [singlepic=25130]
Sameena Ali Khan on the Mall
[singlepic=25089] [singlepic=25124]
Gregg Easteal in St Andrews
[singlepic=25162] [singlepic=25159]
Penny Marshall on the Mall
Paul Davies in Hyde Park
ITV News Presenters
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[singlepic=25059] [singlepic=25067]
Mary Nightingale and Alastair Stewart presents the Evening News from Buckingham Palace
Mark Austin and Julie Etchingham presents News at Ten from Buckingham Palace
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[singlepic=25172] [singlepic=25176]
[singlepic=25042] [singlepic=25043]
[singlepic=25086] [singlepic=25177]
[singlepic=25108] [singlepic=25129]

Sky News Royal Wedding coverage

Kiss #1 – Prince William kisses his new bride Catherine Middleton. Kiss #2 – The newlyweds kiss again Kiss #3 – Phillip Schofield kisses Julie Etchingham on the cheek. Kiss #4 – Mark Longhurst is jumped on by a young woman. Mark said the kiss…

BBC’s Royal Wedding coverage with videos and images

With a day to go before the Royal Wedding, news insiders have been posting images on twitter from inside their studios. These are from Sunrise producer, Mike Kumar.     MattJF, ITN Cameraman, posted these.   Fern Cotton posted this images from inside the BBC…

Sky News’ Royal wedding promo

BBC News’ Royal Wedding Promo

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