BBC – April 6th

BBC News – Election Launch
Breakfast – Sian Williams in Westminster, Bill Turnbull in Studio
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Breakfast – Colette McBeth in Downing Street, Ben Wright in Westminster
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BBC News Special – Huw Edwards in Downing Street, Jon Sopel in Westminster
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The One – Huw Edwards in Westminster
The Six – George Alagiah in Downing Street
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The Ten – Huw Edwards in Downing Street
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Labour Camp – Jane Hill and Iain Watson
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Conservative Camp – Ben Brown and Carole Walker
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Liberal Democrats Camp – Sophie Long and Mike Sergeant
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Political Correspondents – James Landale, Nick Robinson, Laura Kuenssberg & Gary O’Donoghue
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-uk10-bbc-06april-Images-15917 -uk10-bbc-06april-Images-15881
Digital Election Correspondent – Rory Cellan-Jones
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Jeremy Vine /Swingometer Graphics
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