ITV News Presenters

ITV News Presenters
  • Luc_Ozade

    I’m very sad to see Mark Austin leaving News at Ten. He and Julie Etchingam were the two who attracted me to ITV News from the BBC. Mark Austin is one of the clearest speakers on any news programme. Tom Bradby is not in the same league, in my opinion.

    • Gillian hargreaves

      Bring back mark Austin for news agt 10 not worth looking at now. Guess its back to bbc! !! He and Julie first class!! Please change it back now!!!

    • Anonymous

      They should have kept it how it was, but just changed it a little, ITV News at 1.30 – Nina Hossain (Mon/Tues/Fri), Alastair Stewart (Wed/Thurs), Steve Scott (Relief), Charlene White (Relief), Rageh Omaar (Relief). ITV News at 6.30 – Alastair Stewart & Mary Nightingale (Mon-Thurs), Alastair Stewart & Natasha Kaplinsky (Fri), Nina Hossain (Relief), Steve Scott (Relief), James Mates (Relief), Charlene White (Relief). ITV News at Ten – Mark Austin & Julie Etchingham (Mon-Thurs), Mark Austin & Natasha Kaplinsky (Fri), Alastair Stewart (Relief), Natasha Kaplinsky (Relief), Charlene White (Relief), James Mates (Relief). ITV News (Weekend) Lucy Meaccock, Jonathan Hill, Kylie Pentelow, Charlene White, Ranvir Singh (Alternate Saturday), Natasha Kaplinsky (Sunday), Ranvir Singh (Relief), Rageh Omaar (Relief)

  • J McKevitt

    Tom Bradby lacks the gravitas needed to deliver the late news. He annoyingly offers his own opinion and adds lighthearted quips – not appropriate. I have gone back to the BBC

  • Kev Clark

    Bring back Mark Austin and Julie Etchingam. Tom Bradby is awful. To full of himself and his own importance. I’ve gone over to BBC