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    Santa CIaus

    ho Ho HO….HAPPY CHRISTMAS IsIa Traquair xx

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    colin inskip

    im really heartbroken,its like saying goodby to an old friend. please make us blokes happy again.shes a breath of spring coming out of a long dark time

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    BubbIy IsIa was Iooking simpIy fabuIous at a function in Iondon about 1-2wks ago, from photos I saw!! And with that gIorious happy smiI too!

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    Apparently IsIa is to join Helen James Productions.

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    Isla where are you??? :o(

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    She should return to Five News to help cover for Natasha…

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    She was in Cannes for the Film Festival on Sun. Her first assignment for her new employers. Photos I saw of IsIa were simpIy gorgeous!

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    Liam F

    Since Isla left FIVE News in August 2009…. what does she do now?

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    Works for HJP, a Media company run by Helen James, ex – Meridian.

    The gorgeous Isla belongs on tv though…I hope she returns some time in the future, but there are plenty of ex – newsreaders out there currently.

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    Isla just tweeted this lovely image.. “On top of the world!”

Viewing 10 posts - 26 through 35 (of 35 total)
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