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Steph McGovern is a Business presenter for BBC Breakfast, BBC5 Live and BBC Radio 2.

Twitter: @stephbreakfast

Alice Baxter is a Business presenter on BBC News & BBC World. Previously she was in Russia for six years. Alice on Twitter: @Alice_Baxter

Maryam Moshiri is one of the faces of national and global business news on the BBC. She has reported and presented on some of the biggest events in the financial and business world over the past ten years, from the economic impact of the 9/11 attacks to the more recent global financial crisis. Maryam was on live on air when… Read more

Susannah Streeter is a reporter for BBC Breakfast. She also is a regular stand-in presenter for the programmes business reports. Susannah joined the programme in 2004 from BBC Three where she was a reporter and presenter for the Seven O’clock News and 60 Seconds. Her main role on Breakfast is currently the Business and transport brief. Susannah’s first job in… Read more

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